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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Inequality and Technology

During the course of this week I have really had to come to terms with the inequality in access to technology afforded to some people in our community. So much of what drives and excites me about teaching is this new wave of technology and I have been challenged and frustrated by the lack of access that some people have. I have really had to be creative to make sure that my students have access to technology. I feel very supported in my work to allow students to access technology however sometimes computers are just not available. 

There has been much money poured into schools to ensure there are Smartboards or Interactive Whiteboards are in classrooms but the same cannot be said for adult education. I have discovered that up until this term there are people who have no computer skills or have any regular access to technology. I have had to adjust lessons to accommodate those who need a little more time to learn using technology. I have taken my access to technology for granted and have really only begun to see how much those who do not have regular access to computers or competent skills suffer for their lack of education and training. 

Access to computers and technology is everywhere we look. Each week there are specials in the junk mail, advertising on the tv and billboards when we drive around. There seems to be an assumption that we are all connected either through computers, mobile phones or tablets. I have discovered this is not the case. I'm not sure what to do with this realisation but there clearly needs to be more access and training for all adults. For some students computers had not been invented when they were at school but for others they were always too expensive and so there was never a need to learn. How excited they are when they discover what potential lies in their gaining new skills and knowledge to use technology.

Will really have to think on this some more........

Have not had time to surf this week. Only a few ideas to share:
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