"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

~Neale Donald Walsch~

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Living the dream

It has been a great week but an exhausting one. Have met my students and they are great. They are such a diverse group of people. I didn't know that teaching adults could be so much fun. I can't believe they pay me to have such a great time. 

Was conscious off the fact that I was going to try and have a work/ life balance. Didn't go so well. Brought home work two nights. (Worked until 11 and got up at 5). Finding lots of distraction at work but feel I need to be there. First week is always crazy so I am hoping this week will settle down a bit. My work colleagues have been so helpful and I even had the opportunity to share some of my techno ideas with them. They are quite open to learning new things which is great. I feel like I am really getting a handle on what I need to teach and not feeling so stressed things. (Except for Tuesday morning when I was about to throttle the photocopier!!)

Have been taking a few more steps towards getting my business underway. Have set up the PayPal option for my website (when I actually make it). I saw Tracy from LPF -Level Playing Field Graphic Design to help design my new logo for my company. I want to do this right so I seeking help from those in the know. Taking one step at a time. 

I have finished the week feeling very blessed. I feel very excited about my future. I am loving my new job at TAFE and yet I am still very excited about the prospect of training teachers to use technology in the classroom. I really have felt like this week I am one step closer to living my dream. 

Now for this week's favorite links:
Had a little time this morning to surf the net. I enjoyed a reading 'The Magic Carpet' from this collection of short stories.

Thought this clip was so touching.

Cybraryman has spent much time collating education sites on the internet. This is quite an amazing resource for teachers. (Thanks for the tweet @vivimat78)

Needing inspiration for creative writing. Devianart is a great place to start. (Thanks for the tweet 7Mrsjames)

Hope you are living your dreams,