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Friday, 3 February 2012

What is a work / life balance?

For me to be a day late on my blog post is rather unusual. I just couldn't squeeze in any time or had the energy at 9:30pm when I got home. I guess my work life balance is something I have to work on. I really enjoy writing my blog now and it is a part of the week that forces me to reflect and look forward to my goals for the new week. I am going to try and leave work at work as much as possible and not bring too much home. I found at the end of the week I was very tired but I didn't bring home mountains of work and was able to wind down a bit at night. Sometimes I struggle to sleep because I have ideas racing around my head at 2am in the morning but this week I was so tired insomnia stayed away. Getting the balance right is one of my goals this week. 

It has become clearer to me that my learning styles have changed over the years. I always new I was a visual learner but it really only came to my attention off late that I am someone who does not intrinsically motivate myself. I need encouragement and clear goals before I venture into the unknown. I am not a learner who gets a task and internally motivates themselves to complete the task. As I have been writing my programs this week my awareness has been heightened to consider all different types of learners and I have been thinking about how I can support learners like myself who at times lack confidence to get started. Let me give you an example... I was reading on the English Teacher's Association website that they were asking for submissions to run workshops at the annual conference. As you all know by now I love using technology and I thought I would be able to run a workshop on blogging and tweeting. I emailed my good friend Sally for her advice as she is a guru on these two things and she advised me to jump in the deep end and apply. So I have. Now I wait and see. If I was intrinsically motivated I may not have bothered with this step. A little extra encouragement goes a long way. It's not to say that I am looking for someone to stroke my ego I just need a little push to get moving.

Had a great day on Thursday helping out with the HSC enrollments. Was really great to meet the students and hear some of their stories. Have finalised my program and feel like I'm ready for next week. Have to finish writing a few other programs but all will be ready for classes this week. 

I need to get onto the Teacher's Institute this week and see what date I need to have my courses in for accreditation. I have finished writing the courses now and hope by next week to get them in. Must get my logo organised this week too. Working Mon, Tue, Wed so that leaves Thur and Fri to get back to my business. Wonder if I can get the work/ life balance this week. We'll see. 

Haven't had much time to surf the net but here's a few things I found this week:
Interesting blog about student engagement.

Great assessment task on 'Belonging' for those doing NSW HSC (thanks BiancaH80 on twitter)

Those who are doing the Shoe Horn Sonata for NSW HSC there is a live production 

Keep finding the balance, until next week,

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