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~Neale Donald Walsch~

Saturday, 3 March 2012

You are what you share

What a great week. So many highlights. I am finding myself reflecting that God has been really good to me. 

Had the most wonderful lesson my with mature adult learners this week. I introduced them to the joys of Google Docs. All of them were able to make an account and create a document which they shared with me. I was able to comment on the their docs and then they were able to fix what needed correction. They had a real sense of achievement of not only completing a task by themselves but also in gaining a skill in using Google Docs. Many of them were going home to share with their families what they had learnt and had a real sense of pride about what they had achieved. I love to see the spark that pride gives learners and a sense of worth and achievement.

The highlight of the week was definitely Teach Meet. Twitter went crazy on Friday night with 300 teachers in Sydney. I had spoken on Twitter with many of these teachers in the past but were meeting them for the first time in person. Was so pleased to meet up with Vivien (@vivmat78) who started #ozengchat. So many other fabulous teachers to mention them all.  I am sure there will be many a blog this week commenting on what a wonderful night it was. 

The concept of Teach Meet arose from an Edinburgh pub. Teachers meeting together informally to share what was happening in their classes. The ideology of sharing knowledge free for the sole benefit of improving teaching and student learning is powerful and highly contagious. The basic format of the evening was listening to a series of presenters who spoke for either 7 min or 2 min about a range of topics. This went for about 3/4 hour and then there was a 15 minute break to chat and then on with the next lot talks. The range of topics was great; Google Docs, technology in the classroom, ipads, mobile phones for learning, twitter,  learning through gaming, fear of failure, resilience, motivation, enthusiasm, creativity... and the list goes on. My brain was buzzing with ideas at the end of the night and I am still processing all that went on. I am absolutely determined to get one going on the Coast. It won't be that huge but I will start with some of my teaching colleagues. 

Reflecting on the last week and the many conversation that were had I see that respect from students and staff comes not from your credentials but rather what is shared. Knowledge and life experience are both equally valuable in ones journey through life. The richness of this sharing determines both the quality outcome for both the teacher and the learner. Passion, heart and vulnerability can drive change that benefits all. Sharing with no strings attached allows freedom of thought and drives change. Keeping knowledge and experience to yourself can only impact the students that you see. How rich our teaching can be when we share with each other. Two heads are better than one is a good place to start. 

You are what you share. 

So talking about sharing here are my sites for the week:
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Have revisited Storify this week to show students web based media
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Keep sharing your passion and ideas. Until next week,

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