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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Technology, why bother?......

Have you ever been to a lecture that was so interesting that you hadn't noticed that an hour had gone by? There are some very talented individuals who can engage students purely on their skill as on orator. I stand back and admire the skill of these people and their gift. However, as a visual learner I would find this hard to sustain for a long period. With an aging population we find that there are many teachers who may retire in the next 5-10 years. With the fast pace of technology how can older teachers and new teachers keep up with the changes when for many years the same methods have worked? This is a question I find myself often engaging in with teachers and I am always met with a variety of responses. 

Change for some is too hard. There is a definite resistance to use technology for technologies sake. There is a great awareness by these teachers that young people love engaging with technology but for them as teachers they do not have the time, resources or willingness to even give it a go. However I do find that they are engage with their learners and by no means do I wish to criticise their ability or talent as a teacher. Teachers like many other professions in the work place are by and large time poor. Younger teachers adapt to new technologies and learn much faster than older teachers or those with less experience using technology. Younger teachers tend to engage with technology and social media on a daily basis and are quite apt to change. I see that there is a great need to more training on two fronts. Experienced teachers are wonderful in encouraging, guiding and supporting new teachers and younger teachers also have a role in supporting and encouraging experienced teacher in using technology. There is the potential a great wave of change bought about through mutual respect and understanding. 

There is no doubt that there have been numerous studies that suggest that life long learning can be achieved through engaging students in learning through technology. I endeavor to continue to highlight the benefits and achievements of these technologies to enhance learning and I know there are many others who share my passion. Why bother?... Because it is important to our learners and we can't put our blinkers on because it is too hard. Thanks to social media teachers can stay on top of trends and technologies that can best suit our learners where necessary. Educationalists are leading the way when it comes to sharing intellectual knowledge and it is the wonderful community of like minded individuals who continue to drive change and excellence for learners worldwide. Some traditional methods of teaching are greatly beneficial and the right tool should be used for the right purpose. 

I need to continue to remind myself of these truths when I too feel time poor and exhausted. I have learnt through my use of  technology I am connected and am not alone as a teacher and there are others who will support me on my journey through the mind field of new technology. Find time, make time....it's important.

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  1. I am wondering if newer teachers are more comfortable using technology because their studies required them to use it. Teachers trained more than say, 10 years ago, may have not used computers and online blackboard type systems in their student years. Hence they don't feel comfortable or understand the need to use technology now. What do you think?

  2. Yes I think this does influence how confident teachers use technology. Universities force students to use technology to hand in and complete assignments. Universities too are encouraging new teachers to be skilled in this area.

    Many schools require teachers to use email or electronic roles and online assessment. These are the only times teachers engage with computers so I know there is a need for more training in this area.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Do we think of electricity and it's uses anymore? Technology IS part of life. All teachers use technology in some form. Others utilize web 2.0 tools more effectively as part of their teaching management and student learning experiences. As professionals it is my belief we keep up to date with current pedagogy. If using effective iCT tools assist educators in reaching these goals then why not? Learning IS our game after all.

  4. That is such a great point. For many teachers professional development is key in all we do. Yes there will come a time when we will make no distinction between those who use technology and those who don't. Using and understanding good pedagogy should become osmosis in the process.

    Thanks for your insights and comments. Most appreciated,

  5. Just part of the continuing conversation- "gotta be in it to win it!"
    Enjoy reading others reflections and ideas via blogs #bestPDever

  6. Great I will. Thanks. One of my favorites is #eduwin. Very encouraging.

  7. Thanks Kath for your post. I totally agree that we need to keep pushing ourselves to engage with technology for the sake of the our students... not just to keep them engaged, but to also guide them in responsible use of technology in its many forms.

    I love your comment about a great wave of change being brought about through mutual respect and understanding. Never was this more true than at the recent #tmsydney at ACU. Whist not there physically myself, I couldn't help but be enchanted by the interplay on the twitterfeed between experienced and pre-service teachers, all seeking the same goal - to make learning more meaningful for our students.

    First step - getting teachers using the tools, second step getting them to question why this tool, and for what purpose? Exciting!!!

  8. I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks so much for the comment.