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Sunday, 26 August 2012

10 top tech favorites

I have been very slack off late and got carried away with the Olympics and then I got snowed under at work. So there has been lots happening. Have managed to have a Google docs training session my boss and another colleague and I feel I am one step further to winning to tech war at work. As many of you are aware I am taking the slow and steady approach to winning over my colleagues to tech. They were of course suitably impressed with the tech and will start to incorporate it into their classrooms. Was really chuffed to have such great support.

I guess one of the questions that people ask is "What tech tools do you really use in the classroom?"

My top ten at the moment are (and believe me they change):
1. Google docs
2. Twitter
3. GoodReader App for iPad
4. Presenter Media .com
5. PowerPoint
6. Blogger
7. Vimeo
8. YouTube
9. Instagram 
10. Posterious

I guess this list will change with time but these are the tech tools I have been using with students this term. I really want to use QR codes but I don't have enough students yet with devices to use QR codes. Just a matter of time really.

I am continuing to work on my website and hope to launch my business soon. I am still waiting for the Teachers Institute to get back to me so I can get accredited for my courses. You are welcome to have a sneak peak at eles.com.au but I haven't finished it yet. A work in progress. Hopefully I will have it finished soon. For many of my students their dreams of gaining a good education means a ticket to a better life and this takes time. Sometimes I get frustrated that I haven't managed to get going further on my idea but I just can't rush into it or it will fail before I even start.

I have greatly missed my blog writing and will hope to post another soon. 

Hope this term is going great for all my readers. Thanks for taking the time to follow my learning journey this year. I have really appreciated the support. 

Until next week,

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