"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

~Neale Donald Walsch~

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Anti-blog sentiments

As the end of term comes rushing towards me like a tidal wave I am running like hell up the hill. I have last minute marking and a major paper trail however taking time to smell the roses is important. However as I sit and write this blog I am somewhat distracted. This morning I put some popcorn on the stove in a pot with some oil to pop for their recess and then got distracted and went to have a shower and forgot about it. The kids alerted my to the fact that there was a lot of smoke coming from the stove and turned it off. Unfortunately the house is full of smokey burnt popcorn smell and I have come away from the kitchen to write to get away from the smell for a while. I clearly have too much on the brain. 

Anyway this week I tried to get some of my students to write a blog. What surprised me was the attitude of some of the students towards blogs. Some thought they were an outdated thing of the 90s and some thought they were full of people's ramblings that were a waste of time to try and read. Others had found that blogs had caused a lot of problems in friendships as their friends had used blogs to let of steam and said hurtful things. However my open minded students actually really enjoyed the experience.

I am finding more and more that as people put up their personal lives in social media they are not using clear judgement with what they are putting out there. I tried to explain to my students that I want them to compartmentalise this blog for their reflections about their learning journey. I wanted them to talk about the things they had improved upon in their learning in the last six months and the things they still needed to work on. Once they had been given a very specific goal they actually found it beneficial. Next year I want them to blog weekly and so I am wanting to set them up for life long reflection and learning and the discipline and thought process that goes into this activity. We'll see how that goes next year. I am completely aware that some students won't do it or like it but I do want to provide those learners who need time to think and reflect the opportunity to do so. 

I really enjoy reading blogs and find such richness in the shared experience. An open dialogue which allows discussion and thought can clear the way for new perspectives, information sharing and encourages positive attitudes and action in relation to ICT.

I am hoping next year to share the blogging love around. 

Until next week,


  1. This is a great video about blogging and writing for groups of people. And the sentiment about recording our histories is one I completely agree with. http://www.ted.com/talks/view/lang///id/21

  2. Great. Thanks Sally. Sharing the knowledge is what it's all about. :)