"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

~Neale Donald Walsch~

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Making Connections

What a fabulous week I have had reading blogs and tweets. I have really found that the conversation by mere strangers has been so beneficial for me. It gives me the confidence I need to grow as a teacher and a person. For those of you who have not followed me from the start I am on this amazing journey of self discovery and like so many like minded people I have discovered that I am not alone.

I only started in September of last year when I registered my eLearning consultancy business as a way to engage and help other teachers tap into the amazing world of technology. I am really beginning to feel a sense of belonging and comradeship with other like minded teachers who are not only enthusiastic about technology in the classroom but they too are inspired to keep learning, sharing and inspiring others. For the old hands at this you have known this for a long time but I want all those who tweet to me or follow my blog just to know how much it means to me.

Have been thinking about what this year holds for me and I put them together in Wordle poster. Whoops forgot LEARN!

I have spent most of the week reading up for Area of Study, 'Belonging'. Have found some great Aussie English teachers to follow and have found some good sites. Need to get stuck into 'Strictly Ballroom' the movie to see how it relates to 'Belonging'. Also this week have been thinking about studying again. It's funny because when I finished uni 12 years ago I was so fed up with study that I said I would never do that again however, I have that thirst again and have been looking at the Masters in eLearning at Newcastle Uni. Will keep that in the thinking pot maybe for next year.

Some great sites I found this week: 
http://fcit.usf.edu/matrix/matrix.php Matrix of how technology fits in with learning.

10 ipad apps that are useful. I really liked Good Reader and also discovered iMovie. 
Really love the app Puppet Pals for English. Great fun.

Keep the grey matter stimulated!

Until next week,


  1. Really like the friendly style , the open discussion of plans and actions and the way in which you articulate your thoughts. Good blog!

    1. Thanks Sally07 I try to be honest about my teaching journey. I'm enjoying thinking, planning and learning new ways to engage students.