"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

~Neale Donald Walsch~

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Cleaning out the cobwebs

This week has been a busy one but very productive. I have officially started my Cert IV in training and assessment! Finally. I am on my way.

Has been a slow week work wise but has been productive in giving me time to sort out my thoughts. Cleaning my daughters bedroom for four hours this week gave me time to reflect on my decision to start this business. I have started writing my Business Plan but get stuck at times and need time to think. I have been thinking about times when I just gave in because things seemed too hard. Sometimes it just wasn't worth the risk. Was speaking to a friend at school the other week and she was speaking about a parent who was highly successful and seemed to be able to organise anything or get the job done. Her comment about life is, "It's all in the attitude". How very true. If I think I will fail then I probably will. I often tell my students to have a 'can do' attitute yet I give up myself sometimes.

Anyway... Met with the the people from the local Community College to see if I can book out a room to run tutorials. She also suggested that I might be able to be employed as a casual through the college and run my courses for parents and students throught the college. Another avenue I hadn't thought of.  It looks like a viable option to hire out a room.

Met with the bank to set up Credit card payments for my courses and bank transfer for my website. Hubbie bought the domain name for the website so I will soon be up and running on the web. Things are falling into place. Praise God. I don't even feel stressed and am enjoying the challenge.

Will share some great sites with you next week.

Until next week,

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