"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

~Neale Donald Walsch~

Friday, 28 October 2011

The Company Director

Well this week has certainly been an eventful one. Have mostly been at work teaching all the lovely students at Lakes but some major developments have occurred.

I was able to see the accountant Jean McCloed and get some advice on what company structure would suit me best for my business. She was so helpful and given me the steps I need to get started.

So I am now the Director of eLearning Educational Solution Pty Ltd. The company is registered with ASIC and I am on my way. No turning back. Had a lead from two friends this week. My friend Steve is the head of IT at the Ourimbah Campus and he said I could book out a room or computer lab for my business to run tutorials. He also suggested I get in contact with the head of education as she might be able to pass on my courses to teachers about to graduate. Another friend Steve (fundly enough he is other Steve's brother -in-law) also suggested that I could contract out to other companies who run courses similar to mine. The ideas and offers keep rolling in. My God is good.

Since meeting with Sally I have become an avid Twitter reader. I have found more useful sites like popplet.com for making cool mindmaps. Read an interesting article on teachers in Finland. Did you know you can only apply to be a teacher in Finland if you get a score of 90 or more in your final exams and you don't become a teacher until you have a Masters! What rigorous training. Wish they had it here!

Was feeling very overwhelmed by the task ahead a few weeks ago and came down with the Shingles so I now feel great and am approaching things one step at a time in order to not get too stressed. Told my Boss at work about my company and he was great. Best boss ever. He was very supportive.

Am planning on starting my Cert IV in Training and Assessment this week.

Until next week,

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