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~Neale Donald Walsch~

Friday, 9 December 2011

Hurray! I made it

What a relief! I am still awaiting my results but I finished my Cert IV on Wednesday. I don't recommend you do a 12 month course in 3 weeks and work full time! Way too much stress.

School is out and I am moving on with my new career.

On Monday I ran my first teacher course with the HSIE faculty and I felt it went really well. The feedback I got from the teachers was great. I had a feedback session with them the next day and overnight they had made two websites and were adding all sorts of things to them. They were really chuffed. It was so great to see these teachers inspired to help their students learn through technology. I get such a buzz out of excited and inspired teachers.

As some of you know I really love twitter. I find some great gems. This week the nominations for the best EduBlogs came out http://edublogawards.com/ I was having a quick read of last years award winner and he is nominated again. On his site he gave his top ten websites and I was so happy to see that on Monday I had shown at least 7 of them. The link is below. Everyone wants free stuff.
The important thing with teaching technology is that it needs to be current. Twitter and blogs are the best places to find all these new ideas.

I have become a little addicted to my ipad and have really had a lot of fun finding some cool apps for the classroom. I would love to create an app oneday. I would like to create an app that links to my website that I create. Now that school is out my big job next week is to get my website up and running.

I am meeting with TAFE on Tuesday to find out what I have to teach next year. I have the HSC texts I will be teaching and am looking forward to reading these. I still have to look at how they want me to teach it. Looking forward to it.

This year has been a big learning journey and I have loved it. I really enjoy learning as much as I enjoy teaching. I do hope others feel this way too. Thanks to all my family and friends who are reading my blog and I feel now as though I have an audience.

Keep learning, keep loving,

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